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Welcome to Pulse Building & Pest Services Gungahlin.

At Pulse Building & Pest Services, we know that purchasing a home is likely the most expensive investment you will ever make. Now is not the time to hire an unqualified, uninsured, or cheap inspector. In comparison to the cost of the home being evaluated, a home inspection is quite inexpensive. Our Pulse Building Inspectors are committed to conducting inspections of the highest calibre and in good faith. We ensure that a buyer is aware of and comprehends every detail regarding the property they are buying.

At Pulse Building & Pest Services, it is our responsibility to make sure the our clients are aware of any potential issues, even minor issues that may have gone unreported. We will do everything possible to make sure you feel completely at ease with the property.

We are here to help you make an informed choice regarding your home. We can assist you whether you’re buying a new home and want to know what you’re getting, selling a home and want to remove issues that could cause a sale to fall through or take longer than expected, or you just want a professional to inspect your current home and give you advice on its condition and safety requirements.

In order for you to make an educated decision regarding the purchase of a property and any maintenance or repairs that may be required, the Pulse Building & Pest Services technicians are trained to provide you with the best objective advice possible, which is documented in our professional and simple-to-read building reports.

Building inspections are not only used for pre purchases. Our Pulse Building & Pest Services operators are also able to perform a variety of other inspections and reports, including handover inspections for recently constructed residences, insurance claims, water leaks, plans for renovations and additions, new construction management, and dispute settlement.

Did you know that termites cause more property damage in Australia than all fires, tropical storms, and floods put together. Because of the high risk, your insurance carrier potentially won’t even cover termite damage.

It’s crucial to ensure your protection. We provide a variety of routine termite inspection services at Pulse Building & Pest Services to assist you find and stop those pesky little critters from assaulting your priceless property. All residences should have at least an annual termite inspection, and homes in high risk locations should have them more frequently, according to Australian Standard 3660.2 2000.

In-depth termite inspections will be conducted on internal and external walls, floors, skirting boards, architraves, door frames, ceilings, roof voids, and garden areas by our highly qualified and professionally insured professionals. To ensure that every nook and cranny is examined, we often employ a high-tech thermal imaging camera with an integrated moisture metre, screwdriver, tapping stick, and torch. For most households, the entire process will take an hour or so. After that, we’ll give you a thorough written report outlining our findings and offering suggestions for how to effectively safeguard the structure.

OUR Pest Management SERVICES

We will put all your pest and termite concerns at rest!!


We will put all your building inspection concerns at rest!!

Our Pulse Building & Pest Services operators provide servers across

Taylor, Mitchell, Lyneham, Bonner, Watson, Gungahlin and the large area of Canberra.

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