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We will put all your pest and termite concerns at rest!!

If you are a business owner or manager, you know how critical it is to have your workplace completely protected and safe from pests regardless of your industry. Keep your standards and reputation high with Pulse Pest Management Brisbane on the job. Our fully qualified technicians are fully equipped to assist you regardless of that task that may be ahead. Pulse Pest Management have a superior focus on inspection, identification and treatment. We will also work alongside you to create a management plan for you and your business to maintain ongoing treatments at an outstanding cost. We thrive on creating healthy working relationships with our clients to ensure we keep to up to date with their current needs.




Flies make themselves very well known once the enter the premises. Coming through open doors, windows and even tiny cracks. They can thrive on leftovers on plates, uncovered stock, trash not to mention any food items that may be sitting around. Flies populations thrive in the warmer months aka summer and the months leading in and out.



Cockroaches multiple very fast and are known to scurry in and out of cracks, crevices and dark spaces. If your customer sees a cockroach in the premises while trying to enjoy it would be extremely off putting and would leave them more inclined to leave a bad review. Rodents are known to cause the most havoc amongst the possible pests. They are known to eat through packaging to get to the contents to have their own feast.

rats and mice


Rodents are also Rodents are common to carry multiple diseases within their tiny bodies. Rodents, while scampering around release small amounts of urine. Which means they are continuously spreading disease throughout the house. Salmonella, E. Coli, Lyme Disease and Leptospirosis are some diseases they can carry, just to name a few. Rodents can be very sneaky and enter through open doors and even small cracks in the buildings structure.



Ants, there are many types of ants that are in Australia that can become a threat to your workplace. Ant infestations can be a hindrance. Which just like the other pests they thrive off leftovers/scraps/uncovered food but are also know to find sticky condensation from drink residue or oils/fats.

Regarding an industrial/workshop environment, it can sometimes be more of a challenge to keep it under control by yourself. With many possible entry points for pests its understandable how quickly your area could be compromised with pests of all sorts.

The amount of people that are in the area on a day to day area can also play a part in it all. The volume of food/scraps and crumbs increase which may encourage the nuisance pests to enter.

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