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The cryptic species, Bed Bugs find shelter in dark locations keeping close to humans as they feed primarily on warm blood. Being dorsoventrally flat, allows the bugs to fit into narrow cracks and crevices – making detection difficult. Their bite is irritating and can cause health issues. Some tell-tale signs of infestation to be wary of are blood spotting on mattresses or furnishing. There is also a distinctively sickly smell that comes from heavy infestations. Our Pest control team will rid of this pest; checking under floorboards and carpets, behind paintings and skirtings and anywhere eggs may be present. Sleep tight, no more bed bug bites!

bed bugs


Snakes are a native animal and are protected by Australia. It’s not only illegal to harm or kill a snake but is also damaging to our environment. If you encounter one, give us a call and we can safely remove it. Unfortunately, 97% of snake bite cased to humans are due to people trying to remove/ interfere with the snake. Our Pulse Pest crew are all licenced and ready! Keep your family (and extended family- pets) safe!

snake catching


Indoor buildings are Ideal for rodents as they often provide food, water, and warmth. Rats and mince may be more prominent in your homes during the cooler months for these reasons. It can be quite disturbing finding rodents in your house and should be delt with efficiently. Rodents can spread diseases, cause sickness via parasites, encourage extensive physical damage to our homes and spoil and contaminate food. Pulse Building and Pest Services will set up a guaranteed program to control rodents and suggest ways to reduce further problems.



It seems like ants just appear magically out of nowhere. All it takes is for a couple of ants to find a sourced food supply and snap! a colony infestation! They’ll carry crumbs back to its nest… but that nest can be located in the walls of your house, under floorboards or somewhere else, not welcomed. When the nest is in your home you will need experts to identify where, and then remove the pests. Although DIY products may disrupt the ants path, it doesn’t assure elimination. Allow our trained and licenced Pulse Pest technicians to identify the source and irradicate your ant infestation.



‘Indoor’ spiders are attracted to warm, dark small places and can be a nuisance in our homes. Other species are found outdoors, and their main irritant is because of their webbing. Spiders will become more active as the temperature begins to lower in Autumn, finding mates and laying silken sacs (averaging 100 eggs per sac). Hidden in a web or often carried by the female, spotting these will indicate a large influx of spiders. Identifying spiders is important in gaging the urgency of removal. Although some people aren’t phased by the presence of spiders, treating the issue sooner, will guarantee a potential infestation. We also know many species can be dangerous, even deadly. Give Pulse Pest Control a call and say “see you never” to your eight-legged lurking creeper.


Fossil evidence shows that cockroaches have existed for over 300 million years! Even dinosaurs had to endure cockroach infestations. A greater problem for us, as its exoskeletons allow it to fit into gaps smaller than a quarter of their body. Hiding and scampering- spreading disease, ruining reputations, contaminating goods, and leaving horrible stenches. Our team will be able to identify where the infestation is coming from and use dust and spray to eliminate these disease carrying pests.


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