Tax Depreciation Schedules Adelaide



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Tax Depreciation Schedules Adelaide

What is included in my depreciation schedule

•A method of statement.

•Details derived from the application form.

•The details derived from our site inspection (Full Inspection).

•A summary of the Diminishing Value Method.

•A detailed assessment of plant and equipment to be depreciated, including a 40 year forecast for the diminishing value method of depreciation.

•Graphical representation of yearly claims and cumulative claims.

•Signed certification of the report.

•Site photographs.

Tax Depreciation Schedules are an Overlooked Solution

Many owners of investment property fail to claim for depreciation, either because they have a limited understanding of how the claim works or because they’re not aware of just how much money they may be able to save by doing so. Because the value of depreciation for residential investment properties can often range anywhere from $1,500 to $15,000.

Depending on your tax bracket, this can translate to significant savings in the first full claim year alone. If you’ve never made a depreciation claim, you’re also entitled to a claim for up to four prior years of investment property ownership.

paul building and pest inspections

Building Inspection Reports

What we report on for pre-purchase, pre-sale, pre-auction, rental properties and dilapidation inspections

Roof – covering, sagging, drainage, flashings, gutters, skylight, chimney (visual only), fascia, barges, downpipes

Exterior – drainage, wall cladding, trim, doors, decks, stairs, timber, windows

Masonry – salt damp, rising damp, cracking, fretting, subsidence, mortar, damp proof course

Attic – roof structure, signs of water leakage, access, party walls, fire walls, Insulation

Interior – walls, ceiling, floors, doors, windows, cupboards

Kitchen – cupboards, drawers, bench tops, sink, tap operation, visible plumbing

Bathroom – tiles, caulking, grout, shower / screens, bath, vanity, toilet, taps operation, visible plumbing

Fireplaces – hearth, mantle, vents, chimney (visual only)

Structural (visible) – foundations and footings, framing (walls, floors, roof), lintels

Subfloor – where access is available, cellars

Insulation – bats, vapour barrier, fire hazards

Ventilation – roof, soffits, bathroom, laundry

Plumbing – (visible plumbing only), water source , leaking pipes, drainage, related piping, water hammer, water pressure, tap operation and leaks

Electrical – (visible electrical items only) switches, power points, lights

If access is possible we will check sub floor in timber floorboard constructions. We also check fencing, retaining walls (under 700mm high), driveways, paving, pergolas, verandas, garages, carports, sheds, clothes line, painting and much more. We have experience with state-of-the-art moisture meter technology, which can detect rising damp and leaking pipes even behind tiles! All our highly detailed systemised report includes digital photos of defects found giving you the complete picture. So for all your Building Inspections needs in Adelaide call Pulse Building & Pest Inspections today.

Pulse Building and Pest Inspections provide a range of building inspection services conducted to Australian Standards AS 4349.1 & AS 4349.3. For complete peace of mind we are professional indemnity insured.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Fully Trained & Insured Technicians

Eco Friendly Professional Chemicals

12 Months Guarantee On All Services




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