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Welcome! Doug here, your local Pest control and Building Inspector!

It is so important when investing into a new property to have it professionally inspected before signing any final documents. Without a building and pest report, you’ll likely be facing a world of ‘undocumented’ issues that will end up costing you a fortune- rather than getting these things subtracted from the final estate contracted price.

It really does pay to do your research to avoid costly surprises later on. Give Pulse Building & Pest Services a call to arrange a time to have our operators thoroughly inspect the property, giving you a detailed report of everything that is a hazard and any signs of future issues.

Doug’s experience as a Strata Titles Body Corporate Manager, involved working with Property Managers to investigate and manage termite damage to buildings.  As a body corporate manager, it was Doug’s responsibility to coordinate plumbers, electricians and builders on a variety of projects and maintenance issues.

Doug has also worked in the glazing industry and has thorough knowledge on glazing issues and standards. This knowledge and experience gives Doug the edge on inspections and reporting on all potential defects.

It is important to have this documentation for after you sell your house too. Increasing the properties value with conformation of its fine conditions. At Pulse Building & Pest Services, we strive to save you money, time and frustration; allowing you to move into your new location with the assurance it is a safe, pest free home.

Anyone living in a home in Australia wants to be free of some of Australia’s pests.  Rodents, Cockroaches, European Wasps, Ants, Flies and Spiders can cause you health related issues.  That where Doug can treat and prevent pests from taking away your enjoyment of the outdoors.  Termites as a pest can do structural damage to your property and treatments are reasonably cost effective. 

Buy, build and invest with confidence. Call Pulse Building & Pest Services today on 1300 697 857.

Pulse Building & Pest Services specialise in:

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