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Are you buying or selling a property?

Pulse Building & Pest Inspections Essendon can give you a peace of mind that your investment is safe for you and your family!

Hi, my name is Aaron and I am your local Pulse Building & Pest Inspections professional  in Essendon.  I can offer you peace of mind that the new residence you are purchasing is structurally sound and that there will be no hidden surprises after you take possession.  With 16 years’ experience in the building industry, I am able to spot faults that the untrained eye can’t see. You can trust me to provide you with an honest and reliable building and pest inspection/report! I can offer you cost effective methods to rectify defects.

  • Pre Purchase Report: Defect report before purchase, done by buyer, puts you in control!
  • Pre-Auction Report: Once the hammer is down it’s too late to get a property inspection and you’re stuck with what you just bought. Very risky!
  • Pre-Sale Report: Defect report before sale, done by owner.
  • Timber Pest Report: Termites are a small pest, but a huge nightmare for home owners. We can organise this at the same time.
  • Structural Integrity Report: Is it well built and sturdy? This is the only way to ensure your home is structurally sound.
  • Asbestos Auditing: So you can feel safe in your own home.
  • Property Video: For that complete picture, this feature is popular with interstate and O/S buyers.
  • Rental Property Condition Report: Not all tenants are perfect, so protect your property with pre-tenancy, periodic and exit inspections.
  • Dilapidation Report: Details the existing condition of a building at a specific point in time. It is prior to and completion of construction work. As part of development approvals most council’s will stipulate that one of these reports are required to protect adjoining neighbours.
  • Property Maintenance Report: Keep the property well maintained therefore minor issue don’t turn into major expense.
  • Investment Property Tax Depreciation: Data collection for Quantity Surveyors and registered tax practitioners across the country.
  • Special Purpose: Custom reports to suit your specific needs

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Pulse Building & Pest Inspections Butler is available throughout Essendon.

I have over 20 years’ experience in the building industry specialising in extensions and renovations to domestic residences.  I know the issues that come with older residences and how to deal with them.  I have always strived for excellence and have always built to a very high standard.  Delivering to my client’s needs is always my first priority. I am focused on attention to detail and guarantee you will not be disappointed making use of Pulse Building & Pest Inspections Butler.

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