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Pulse Pest Management Franchises

By joining the Pulse Pest Management team, you will have the opportunity to build a highly successful business with plenty of room for your career to grow and develop. A Pulse Pest Management franchise comes with full training and licensing. Each franchise is a complete package opportunity including initial equipment, chemicals. Everything you need to start from day one.

From just $26,950 + GST

Finance Available – Conditions Apply – Termite training additional cost

Training & EDUCATION

Pulse Pest Management provide complete and thorough training in both general pest management and termite treatment. Our operators are fully licensed to complete all termite and general pest management jobs.


When signing up with the Pulse Pest Management team, our exclusive territories are developed to ensure our technicians have the best chance for success. The Pulse Pest Management territories are designed to be large enough to allow franchisees to sub-contract work and boundaries are clearly marked to avoid any confusion.

Leveraging online

With users now on social media and online platforms more than ever, Pulse Pest Management utilises this area as an important marketing and brand awareness tool to boost the exposure of our network. All Pulse Pest Management franchisees are provided with individual webpages for their area and Facebook pages to allow them to reach clients quickly and efficiently to grow their customer base.


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We are located in every state and territory across Australia.

When our Pulse Pest Management franchisees are successful, then the Pulse Pest Management business model is successful. Success comes in different forms and each individual person having different expectations of what success looks like for them. It important for both parties to be aware of each others goals, whether that be dollar amount, lifestyle change or the love of the job! Pulse Pest Management will align themselves with your goals, to ensure that what you see as success comes to fruition.

Pest Control clients across Australia differ substantially, as the climate varies so much. We take the time to train our call center staff in understanding the needs of Pest Control in each state and what to look out for, so that they are able to ensure that customers are receiving the best advise and service possible. This means that you can focus on the job at hand, and know that the enquiries are being handled by professionals. We spend a lot of time on research and development of our marketing campaigns, as well as dedicated technical staff who look after the IT side of the business, so that we are at the forefront of clients minds, when it comes to expert Pest Control and Termite Management.

Previous experience is not required, due to the thorough training provided under the Pulse Pest Management program. You will be properly accredited as a Pest Controller, and if you choose to complete the Termite training, you will also be accredited as a Termite Inspector. We offer continued training and development, throughout the year, so that you are also learning to become a competent business owner, and leverage on your success, and not just an awesome operator.

Pulse Pest Management supply all the equipment and training as part of the initial start up package. This includes your business training, on site training, accredited training courses, marketing collateral and materials, stationary, uniforms and backup and support. You will of course need your own vehicle. We ask that this vehicle be clean and tidy and also have the ability to transport your equipment and chemicals.

Yes, you will own an exclusive territory. Having an exclusive area, means you are the only person who can operate in that area. It also means that your overheads will be kept to a minimum, as you wont be required to travel long distances. Your vehicle maintenance is kept to a minimum and your vehicle overheads are also low.

Pulse Pest Management conduct regular campaigns via Google AdWords, social media advertising and more traditional forms of advertising, such as letter box drops. Our priority is SEO rankings, and Google listings, to ensure that our websites are on the first page of Google. Referrals are one of the biggest growing markets for business, and so nurturing an online presence in your local area is paramount to receiving those referrals through social media community groups.

Franchising is becoming one of the fastest growing business sectors in Australia with statistics showing 77% of new businesses fail in the first 5 years, whereas 92% of franchised businesses succeed. When joining a Franchise you are taking out all the guess work of what needs to be done. Franchise systems have already gone through all the dos and don’ts for the industry and are able to pool their resources due to the large network they build. Not only does franchising give you a complete system to start with it also offers you support from like minded people who want to succeed in business.

Pulse Pest Management has the guidance and support of a Technical Head of Service, who s role is to support you in every technical aspect of the business, along with Business Development Managers who are there to guide you on best business practices. Peer support is also important as we face different challenges throughout the course of our ever growing franchise. Other franchisees are available to chat to and you will gain lifelong friendships.

Make an enquiry through to our franchise development team. An information pack will be sent out to you and a consultant will be in contact to answer any questions you have.

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Get more information on becoming your own boss today!


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