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Did you know the common huntsman lays approximately 200 eggs every time? Did you know that these eggs are laid in well concealed places? Have you seen a huntsman lurking around your house lately?

Hi! My name is Troy Panui from Pulse Building & Pest Control Services in Upper Coomera and I’m here to get rid of those nasty creepy crawlies infesting your home.

As a local near Upper Coomera, I’m dedicated to eradicating those pesky pests invading the home of you and your family. Having been trained in pest management, as well as possessing the knowledge of pests in the local area, you can count on me to gain control of your home again. Many people are unaware of the number of crawlies lurking in the darkness and it’s up to me to find the root of the problem and help you manage the safety of your household.

Don’t let the bothersome scratching in the walls become a regular noise in the night. It could be a sign of infestation and it’s not going to go away on its own. Those unwanted guests don’t stand a chance around me.

If you went to a café and ordered a delicious meal, your meal wouldn’t look so tasty if you spotted a rat scampering on the floor. Do you think your customer would eat their burger if they had a cockroach crawling over their plate? Don’t let the thought linger in your mind. It’s time to book your café in for pest control. My goal is to ensure a prompt, reliable and safe service to create an environment free of those nasty creepy crawlies and ensure that your pests won’t be an issue.

At Safe , we use environment friendly sprays to target the specific pests in your café or home. Our methods are shaped to eradicate your pests in a safe and efficient way to maximise the effect without harming the environment. My tailored pest management plans will not only eradicate pests, but will educate you to help prevent future infestation at an affordable price.

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Some of the Pest Control services I offer specialises in the eradication of:

• Cockroaches

• Spiders

• Ants

• Rats

• Mice

• Silverfish

• Fleas

• Dust mites

I am punctual and reliable, and I’m not afraid to take care of the creepy crawlies hiding in the dark. Whether you need me to deal with a simple case of ants in the office kitchen, or a large nest up in the ceiling, I am here to help your home, office or workplace be pest free.

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